What is GP-REC?

GP Renewables & Trading is offering you the opportunity to take advantage of the wholesale Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) markets and enhance the return on your home or commercial Renewable Energy Generator investment.

As you may already know, your Renewable Energy Generators can qualify to help satisfy a portion of various state's Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) requirements.

The RPS requires any entity selling electricity (such as 3rd party suppliers or local utilities) in those states to purchase an increasing quantity of RECs each year.

There are more than 20 states that have adopted an RPS with the goal of bettering the environment.



Some states have special provisions for Solar installations, but even those that do not, still offer significant value for the RECs/SRECs that Solar PV systems produce.



How will GP-REC help you make $?

With GP-REC, your system can be registered with the applicable Department of Public Utility Control as a Renewable Energy Generation Resource.

Once registered, all you need to do is make sure your system is operational and every 1000 kilowatt-hours of electricity your system generates per year will also generate 1 REC or SREC.

Every kilowatt of electricity that your home or commercial Renewable Generator produces without being registered with GP-REC will expire worthless. 

The only way to take advantage of this hassle-free opportunity to maximize your investment in Going Green is to sign up with GP-REC now.

GP-REC does not only provide brokerage services, but will also act as a buyer.

Prices will vary, so contact us now for a quote.


GP-REC Structured Products

If your business, non-profit, or university is lagging its peers in reducing its Carbon Footprint, GP Renewables & Trading can create a Structured Product through GP-REC to fit your geography, carbon output and risk tolerance to help you meet your clean energy goals.

By purchasing RECs or other Environmental Credits through GP Renewables & Trading, you can effectively support the development of renewable generation in your area.

By purchasing a Structured Product you can support local jobs, help to reduce your electricity prices, and free our nation from its petroleum addiction, all while bettering the environment. 

Contact us today for a quote.